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your top 5 favorite games

  • AqunoAquno
    Ever played a classic card game underwater? Well here's your chance! Try to get rid of your cards before your opponent does!
  • Blackhole SolitaireBlackhole Solitaire
    This one takes solitaire to a new level, just try to clear all your cards!
  • Clear The PyramidClear The Pyramid
    Play cards Egyptian style in this take on solitaire. Pile up the cards for each suit to win!
  • Tri Towers SolitaireTri Towers Solitaire
    Classic TriPeaks Solitaire with a royal twist! See if you can eliminate all the cards in the three towers!

additional favorite games

  • Bounce OutBounce Out
    In this straight forward, yet fun game, just swap the colored balls around to make three or more in a row.
  • Card ManiaCard Mania
    You've got to be speedy in this classic card game! Race against the clock and the computer to get your pile of cards placed in the middle!
  • CheckersCheckers
    This one or two player checker game will keep you entertained for hours. It plays a good quick game.
  • Mahjong 2Mahjong 2
    Choose your layout and get going in this good looking classic Mahjong game.
  • Mixer ToneMixer Tone
    Combine blobs of color and fill vials with the new color combinations! Don't forget which colors go into which container!
  • Monkey Go HappyMonkey Go Happy
    The monkey begins very sad! Interact with the available items to make the monkey happy! Cheer him up to get to the next scene!